ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Jay-ZDead Presidents IIN/A2010/08/15The NaS / Jay-Z beef should be squashed over this track.
Jay-ZBring It On (ft. Big Jaz & Sauce Money)N/A2010/05/09Cats be listening to Jay-Z these days, but we're still bumping that Reasonable Doubt shit.
Jay-ZU Don't KnowN/A2010/02/14Jigga's headlining at Bonnaroo if you hadn't heard. I'm not particularly excited with that line-up.
Jay-ZGirls, Girls, GirlsN/A2009/11/04I feel as if Jay-Z is at heart far too nerdy to be as suave as he postures to be... much respect, though.