ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Janelle MonaeTightrope (ft. Big Boi)The ArchAndroid2011/05/02Janelle Monae is a 30th century songbird.
Janelle MonaeTightrope (ft. Big Boi)The ArchAndroid2011/01/15One of 2010's greatest albums, hands down.
Janelle MonaeCome Alive (The War Of The Roses) The ArchAndroid2011/01/01A great year for independent female performers. Dancing in a dungeon, motherfucker. Sorry for the pops. =(
Janelle MonaeWondalandThe ArchAndroid2010/12/25Definitely glad I copped this on vinyl. A great futuristic story on the inside. This girl is the Truth, according to Yours Truly and Big Boi if that doesn't mean enough already.
Janelle MonaeCome Alive (The War Of The Roses)The ArchAndroid2010/11/20In competition with Annie as my favorite songbird.
Janelle MonaeCome Alive (War Of The Roses)N/A2010/09/18There are few women I'm more in love with than Janelle Monae. Sorry ladies.
Janelle MonaeCome Alive (The War Of The Roses)N/A2010/07/11The ArchAndroid is a dope album, and this Monae is nice.