ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
J DillaLet's Take It BackN/A2011/10/16Let's Take It Back J Dilla Medicine Show #12: Raw Medicine
J DillaI Told Yall / Lazer Gunne Funke / In the Night / While You Slept (I Crept)Jay Stay Paid2011/05/02Dilla had a firm grap of volume. I'd put him up there with the great composers of all time. Mozart, Davis, Beethoven...
J DillaLazer Gunne FunkeJay Stay Paid2011/04/25A great compilation of Jay Dee intros and collabos.
J DillaThink TwiceWelcome 2 Detroit2011/04/11A great Jay Dee instrumental release.
J DillaLightworksDonuts2011/04/04The truest of the true hip hop heads, my man Jay Dee. R.I.P.
J DillaTwo Can WinDonuts2011/03/21RIP Dilla
J DillaMorning OrderSuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaAntiquitySuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaLe YachtingSuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaUntitled/FantasticSuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaWelcome 2 Detroit Suite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaGobstopperSuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaTake NoticeSuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaAffolements GrantiquesSuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaDon't Nobody Care About UsSuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaJealousySuite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaReminisce (ft. Bilal) Suite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaAngel (ft. Dwele) Suite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaHoc N Pucky Suite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01
J DillaStakes Is High (ft. Posdnous & Talib Kweli) Suite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01It's all about the LOVE VIBRATION
J DillaFall In Love Suite For Ma Dukes2011/01/01Shout outs to Miguel Atwood-Ferguson for arranging this whole magnificent event.
J DillaWavesDonuts2010/12/04RIP J Dilla
J DillaOne For Ghost [ from Donuts]N/A2010/12/04Classic instrumental LP
J Dilla WalkinonitDonuts2010/12/04Underrated cut off Donuts
J Dilla Factory N/A2010/10/16YOU CAN'T STOP THE MACHINE!
J DillaLightworksN/A2010/09/25Always an appropriate song. "Light up the spliffs."
J DillaByeN/A2010/09/18This song makes me sad. R.I.P. to one of hip hop's greatest minds.
J DillaLightworksN/A2010/09/05Dilla 'til I die.
J DillaStepson Of The ClapperN/A2010/09/05LOUDER / HARD TEMPO