ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
FugeesThe BeastThe Score2011/05/02Lauryn Hill is one of the greatest emcees of all time.
FugeesCowboysN/A2010/09/25This album is unreal.
FugeesKilling Me SoftlyN/A2010/09/18I Love Lauryn Hill.
FugeesThe ScoreN/A2010/05/16Highest selling album in hip hop history. No joke.
The FugeesThe MaskN/A2010/03/21Whenever listening to hip-hop, I have to tie in classic albums, and hip-hop albums don't get much more classic than The Score.
FugeesCowboysN/A2010/02/28Fugees are the largest selling hip-hop group of all time. Sometimes the best really does get the most attention...
The FugeesNo Woman, No CryN/A2010/01/13I absolutely love Wyclef's take on Bob Marley. It's so funny.
FugeesKilling Me SoftlyN/A2009/11/04Lauryn Hill's voice is something from another dimension...
FugeesFu-Gee-LawN/A2009/10/07Lauryn Hill, will you marry me? A hip-hop artist making a Beatles reference? She might have a couple years on me, but..