ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Flying LotusTable TennisCosmogramma2011/03/28Fly Lo's beats sound like no one elses.
Flying Lotus...And The World Laughs With YouCosmogramma2011/03/28Thom Yorke on the guest spot
Flying LotusMmmhmmm (ft. Thundercat)Cosmogramma2011/01/29FlyLo's ability to manipulate the high-hat is truly revolutionary.
Flying LotusDo The Astral PlaneCosmogramma 2011/01/22Inarguably within my top 5 albums of 2010
Flying Lotus198319832011/01/22Fly Lo is crazy with his soundscapes
Flying LotusDo The Astral PlaneCosmogramma2011/01/01One of the best tracks of the year, in my personal estimation.
Flying LotusSatelliteCosmogramma2011/01/01Not my personal favorite track on the album, but a dope cut nonetheless.
Flying LotusDo The Astral PlaneN/A2010/09/25Easily my favorite track off this album. And apparentliy Steven Ellison just released another EP. Damn, damn damn James.
Flying LotusDo the Astral PlaneN/A2010/09/13An incredible song off an incredible album. FlyLo really does his thing.
Flying Lotus...And The Wrold Laughs With You (ft. Thom Yorke)N/A2010/06/13Yes, that's Thom Yorke.