ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Dr. JohnChippy, ChippyN/A2011/10/09Dr. John is my hero.
Dr. JohnDanse Kalinda Ba DoomGris-Gris2011/05/02The true night tripper
Dr. JohnWhat Goes Around Comes AroundRemedies2011/03/28The Night Tripper
Dr. JohnLoop GarooRemedies2011/03/21The bayou
Dr. JohnDanse Kalinda Ba DoomGris-Gris2011/03/14Gumbo Ya Ya
Dr. JohnWalk On Gilded SplintersGris-Gris2011/01/22"Dr. John will always be cooler than me." -Jimbo
Dr. John the Night TripperMama RouxGris-Gris2011/01/15It's all about the medicine man...
Dr. John Croker CourtbullionGris-Gris2010/12/04Voodoo
Dr. John Loop GarooRemedies2010/12/04The Night Tripper
Dr. JohnI Walk On Gilded SplintersN/A2010/11/06Love how this album shouts out the Coco Robicheaux and the legend of Loup Garou.
Dr. JohnMardis Gras DayN/A2010/11/06Nothing better than The Night Tripper on vinyl. What beautiful pops.
Dr. John, the Night Tripper Loop Garoo N/A2010/10/16Dr. John's the type to eat a head off a crawfish.
Dr. JohnAngola AnthemN/A2010/10/02Dr. John = Gris-Gris
Dr. JohnMama RouxN/A2010/09/25Of all people alive, I model myself after Dr. John the most.
Dr. JohnMama RouxN/A2010/09/13So excited to find this album on vinyl today. =)
Dr. JohnGris-Gris Gumbo Ya YaN/A2010/06/27This albums is all I've been bumping in my whip lately. Got my mind in the bayou.