ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Deltron 3030Things You Can DoDeltron 30302011/03/14Finally got this on vinyl
Deltron 3030VirusDeltron 30302011/02/14Dan the Automator is freshness on the beats
Deltron 3030VirusDeltron 30302010/11/20More produce from Dan The Automator
Deltron 3030Time Keeps On SlippingN/A2010/09/05Dan The Automator killed it on this track.
DeltronTime Keeps On SlippingN/A2010/07/11Still waiting on that next Deltron album, Del...
DeltronMastermindN/A2010/04/11Del always comes through with the science fiction raps.
Deltron3030N/A2010/03/21Dan the Automator deserves so much credibility for producing this album. Deltron 3030 is some fiery science fiction hip-hop.
Deltron 3030Low StoryN/A2009/12/30"Call it nerd rap if you want, but I'm all on Deltron 3030's science fiction tip." - Jimbo
DeltronMemory LossN/A2009/10/21We need to not forget Jasper's memory in all the shit that's going on right now. We need to make sure we honor him.