ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienTime Keeps On SlippingN/A2012/03/25We were seeing updates for the new album a while ago, but this it's been a while...
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienAhonetwo, Ahonetwo N/A2012/03/11A classic. So many great joints on this album. Did you know that Ice Cube is given a producer credit for each song?
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienVirusN/A2011/12/18When are we going to see that new album?
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienTurbulence (Remix)N/A2011/11/06Dan the Automator's produce is out of control.
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienMastermind [ Deltron 3030]N/A2011/09/25Can't wait for that new album. So much Automator...
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienDescendingGolden Era2011/04/25Del bringing back the lyrics in this rather decrepit era of hip hop.
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienAhonetwo, AhonetwoN/A2010/09/25I Wish My Brother George Was Here.. George Clinton that is...
Del tha Funkee Homosapien & Tame OneWe Taking OverN/A2010/08/08I can empathize. Mediocrity is killing hip hop right now. Lil' Wayne the best rapper alive? Please.
Del tha Funkee HomosapienSunny MeadowzN/A2010/06/06I hope Del can kick that H addiction and put out another album. He's too good not to be putting out music.
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienAhontetwo, AhonetwoN/A2010/01/20Jimbo's playlist is titles (Stress...), and nothings helps me relieve stress like Del's rhymes.