ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Das RacistYou Can Sell AnythingSit Down Man2011/04/04"Eyo the government is lies, son; United States of Google, Verizon; they all spies, son, I'm Pisces rising; You ain't a Hoover, just suck like James Dyson."
Das RacistRoc Marciano Joint (ft. Roc Marciano)Sit Down, Man2011/01/29Wanted to highlight a couple of my favorite new emcees from 2010.
Das RacistRapping 2 YouSit Down, Man2010/11/20This beat is firey
Das RacistPeople Are Strange N/A2010/10/30One of the fieriest albums of the year.
Das RacistAll Tan Everything (ft. Jay-Z)N/A2010/10/16Sabzi from Blue Scholars on the production.