ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Das EFXJussumen (Pete Rock Remix)N/A2011/12/18Pete Rock murders that Slick Rick sample.
Das EFXMic Checka (Remix)N/A2011/11/27Riddedy iggedy.
Das EFXJussumen (Pete Rock Remix)[ Riggidy Remixes & Rarities]N/A2011/05/09How could this have ever been a B-Side?!?!?!
Das EFXJussumen [Pete Rock Remix]DAS EFX: Riggidy Remixes & Rarities2011/01/29Late 80s / Early 90s are my favorite era of hip hop by far. The music industry hadn't caused the schism between underground and commercial yet...
Das EFXReal Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix)Hold It Down (Instrumentals)2010/11/20Salvador Dali says that Jack Kerouac was more attractive than Marlon Brando.
Das EFXThey Want EFX N/A2010/10/30I love the way Das EFX fills up every syllable and each MC has incredible tonality.
Das EFXReal Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix)N/A2010/10/09My main man Lyon's favorite hip hop group, and that's coming from someone who knows his shit.
Das EFXReady To Rock Rough RhymesN/A2010/09/13I love the riggedy-reggedy Das EFX flow.
Das EFXMic CheckaN/A2010/03/07I haven't heard much from Das EFX, but nobody flows like them. Their syllabic constructs seem unique to me.