ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
DJ CamVoodoo Child (DJ Premier Remix)Revisited2011/04/11Never played on the show before
DJ CamBroadcasting Live (Lord Finesse Remix)Revisited2011/04/11DJ Cam from France. Lord Finesse is one of the best old school artists.
DJ CamBrooklyn 1 2The Beat Assassinated2011/02/07DJ Cam from France
DJ CamHip Hop Operaad Blunted Jazz 2010/12/18
DJ CamHip Hop OperaN/A2010/10/16"N.Y. State of Mind" is a highly under-rated beat, I'm glad DJ Cam could see it's value.
DJ CamUnderground Vibes N/A2010/10/16DJ Cam holding down France.
DJ CamGangsta ShitN/A2010/10/02Love this album.
DJ Cam / Panda BearGangsta Shit / Search For DeliciousN/A2010/09/13Had fun with this one. Bet I'm the first to discover this mash-up. Bajaja.