ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
CommonLovin' I LostN/A2012/02/05This is an album that will go gold, but will get no commercial radio play. Am I missing something? #ENDPAYOLA
CommonSweetN/A2012/01/08No I.D. found a great psych funk sample for this joint. And Common is to hip hop what Obama is to politics.
Common & No I.D.Lovin' I LostN/A2012/01/01This album is not going to get nearly the hype that it deserves.
CommonThe Believer (ft. John Legend)N/A2011/12/25Dedicated to all those who still believe that St. Nick invaded their home last night
Common MarketCrossblow [ Common Market]N/A2011/09/25Some more Sabzi production
CommonThe Light[ Like Water For Chocolate]N/A2011/05/09Any song dedicated to Erykah Badu is fine by me.
CommonI Used To Love Her (JS1 Remix)N/A2011/03/28Dope
CommonThe LightLike Water For Chocolate2011/02/14Erykah Badu featured in this video. Common coming to UConn Tuesday for a free lecture!
CommonResurrectionN/A2010/08/08When asked whether or not he was a "conscious rapper" Common responded: "Bitch, get off my conscious dick." Haha.
Common MarketPushN/A2010/06/06More socially conscious rap with Sabzi production.
CommonCommunismN/A2010/04/18If anyone thought that Common wasn't an incredible lyricist, think again.
CommonThe LightN/A2010/03/21Common has always been walking on water in hip-hop since he released Like Water For Chocolate.
Common I Used to Love H.E.R.N/A2010/01/06I argue that this song doesn't sound like the Common that I'm used to. I suppose you can decide for yourself.
CommonThe 6th Sense [ft. Bilal]N/A2009/12/23Common's clairvoyance has helped keep hip-hop alive in the past decade.
CommonThe LightN/A2009/11/04We like it in the studio when songs fade out by themselves, then have awesome codas.
Common Be N/A2009/10/21This song just makes me glad to be alive and actually value all that it is I have. Hope it does for you, too.