ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Blu & ExileSimply Amazin'Below The Heavens2011/03/21Exile is a spectacular producer
Blu & ExileDancing In The RainN/A2010/11/06Blu is a great emerging artist in hip hop
Blu & Exile The World Is (Below The Heavens)N/A2010/07/11That's right. Some people still put their DJ's name in the title. Respect.
Blu & ExileThe World Is (Below The Heavens...)N/A2010/04/04If Fashawn is the most artistic on the new scene this year, then Blu was last year.
Blu & ExileSimply Amazin'N/A2010/01/06Blu kind of looks like Bubbles from The Wire. Check it out. Blue and his camp are bringing back the essence.