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The Good, The Bad, & Infinite Party - join the Party

ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Black StarRespirationMos Def & Talib Kweli2011/05/02"Where keeping it real makes a victim of abnormal normality."
Black StarRespiration (ft. Common)N/A2010/04/25Perhaps one of the most well-crafted hip-hop songs ever made. Talib, Mos, and Common are on some other shit with this one.
Black StarRespiration N/A2010/01/13Gotta love the Style Wars sample... "And it said, you know, in big block letters--CRIME IN THE CITY."
Black StarDefinitionN/A2009/10/21"Too much violent, hang your head while the beat drop--wayoh." Too much violence at UConn, too.