ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Black MoonWho Got Da PropsN/A2012/02/05
Black MoonWho Got Da Props?N/A2011/12/18Buckshot is one of the greatest MCs of the Golden Era. Black Moon's energy is unmatched.
Black MoonI Got Cha OpinN/A2011/11/27This track can never be played out.
Black MoonI Got Cha Opin' (Remix)I Got Cha Opin' (12" Single)2011/05/02A truly gritty hip hop collective.
Black MoonSlaveEnta Da Stage2011/03/28Bring back the boom-bap!
Black Moon Niguz Talk ShitEnta Da Stage2011/03/14Classic classic classic
Black MoonWho Got Da Props?Enta Da Stage2011/02/14Like it came out yesterday
Black MoonSlaveN/A2010/11/06That gritty, NYC rap we all have a soft spot in our heart for. Sounds like this beat is coming from underground.
Black MoonWho Got The Props?N/A2010/10/09Classic.
Black MoonBuck 'Em Down (Remix)N/A2010/03/07Started off the drive to the studio with a Black Moon john. His flow is so sharp-edged, it cuts like a razor.
Black MoonSlaveN/A2010/01/20Jimbo put this track on a mixtape he made for me, and I jammed to that every day of break in my car.
Black MoonWho Got The Props?N/A2009/10/28no discription