ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Black Milk & Danny BrownBlack & BrownN/A2011/11/06Don't know about Danny Brown, but Black Milk is the truth.
Black MilkGospel Psycheldic Rock[ Album Of The Year]N/A2011/05/09It seems to me that people were turned off by the title of this album. It might sound pretentious, but if you think that then you don't understand the backstory.
Black MilkThe Matrix (ft. Sean Price, Pharoae Monch, & DJ Premier)N/A2011/05/02
Black MilkU's A Freak Bitch (Instrumental)Popular Demand2011/02/14Great sample flip.
Black MilkRound Of ApplauseAlbum Of The Year2011/02/14A great emcee/producer. Did incredible work on this album.
Black MilkDeadly MedleyAlbum Of The Year2011/01/29The rhymes are as tight as the beats on this album. A must-listen for sure.
Black MilkDeadly MedleyAlbum Of The Year2011/01/01Detroit isn't extinct as long as Black Milk is bumping out hits like this.
Black MilkGospel Psychedelic RockAlbum Of The Year2010/12/11Had to put in at least one new song. Figured "psychedelic" would be a good introduction to our second hour.
Black MilkAction Popular Demand2010/11/27Black Milk is holding down the D
Black MilkIn The A.M.N/A2010/11/06Album of the Year was tough
Black MilkGospel Psychedelic Rock N/A2010/09/25Black Milk had a rough 2009. Don't think he's being pretentious with the album title; it's a personal victory. And it's fiery.
Black MilkDeadly Medley (ft. Royce Da 5'9" & eLZhi)N/A2010/09/05Certainly an ambitious album title. If anyone deserves AoY, it's Detroit.
Tree City & Black MilkMe > ThemN/A2010/06/06Black Milk holding down Detroit. The city ain't going nowhere.
Black MilkPopular DemandN/A2010/01/27People say that Detroit's dead, but the city's alive and well in Black Milk's beats...