ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Binary StarNew Hip HopN/A2011/11/27Big ups to Dan for this request. When are we going to get an end to the hiatus?
Binary StarEvolution Of ManMasters Of The Universe2011/02/14Had to keep it romantic in the studio for V-Day.
Binary StarSlang BladeMasters Of The Universe2011/01/29It's been over a decade hiatus since their last release... One Be Lo & Senim Silla let's go!!
Binary StarDa Fast Food JointWaterworld2010/11/20Senim Silla and One Be Lo are putting out new work soon
Binary Star Wolfman JackN/A2010/10/30Keep it Halloween
Binary StarI Know Why The Caged Bird SingsN/A2010/07/11Too many people are sleeping on Masters Of Reality.
Binary StarMasters Of The UniverseN/A2010/06/13@SenimSilla So when can we expect that next album?
Binary StarMasters of the UniverseN/A2010/05/02Binary Star - it's like two stars revolving around each other. Shout outs to One Be Lo and Senim Silla.
Binary StarReality CheckN/A2009/12/30"We're like two suns revolving around each other..." Binary's preserving the art of hip-hop.
Binary StarEvolution of ManN/A2009/11/04This spoken word shit they tie into this song absolutely blows my mind.