ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Beach HouseSilver SoulTeen Dream2011/04/04So many great memories listening to this album with DJ Rose.
Beach House10 Mile StereoTeen Dream2011/02/07A beautiful composition. Gotta love that they came up with a music video for every song as well.
Beach HouseTen Mile StereoTeen Dream 2011/01/22Another great work vying the top position in 2010. I give them props for producing a music video for each track on the album, which they concurrently released
Beach HouseNorwayTeen Dream2011/01/22One of the best albums of the past year, hands down.
Beach HouseReal LoveTeen Dream2011/01/01Had to slow it down for a second. This song is dedicated to Abbey Rose, the love of my life.
Beach House 10 Mile StereoTeen Dream2010/12/25Victoria Legrand's voice reminds me of Nico. Saw her in the Warhol exhibit at MoMa; she was fucking iconic. Too bad heroin ruined her in the end. =/