ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Apathy & Celph TitledSound Of The ClapNo Place Like Chrome2011/04/04DJ with No Name hitting Ap up on Twitter for this joint. Great local dig. Trying to bring the fire this fall!
Apathy & Celph Titled'88 MindstateN/A2010/05/23Ap's verse on this track is so nasty.
Apathy & Celph TitledSound Of The ClapN/A2010/03/28People have to understand that hip-hop has spread into CT. Not the "rap game" so much as the spirit of the art form; whatever that might mean.
Apathy & Celph TitledNaturally NastyN/A2010/03/07Ap and Celph on the same track always means it's been murdered.