ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
ApathyCT ShitN/A2012/04/01Ap may have snubbed us, but we'll never stop playing his joints.
ApathyPeace CTN/A2012/03/18Praying that the WHUS Board votes to approve this Apathy show.
ApathyAlbino Gorillas (ft. Esoteric)N/A2012/03/18Ap, Esoteric, Blacastan, & Asy Life @ Sully's this Thursday!!!
ApathyNightlifeN/A2012/02/12The remix of this joint is as good as the original.
ApathyPeace ConnecticutN/A2012/01/08Best Apathy release to date.
Apathy & Scoop DevilleWonderful X-Mas TimeN/A2011/12/25Christmas dopeness.
ApathyTrust (ft. Emilio Lopez)N/A2011/12/04Early DGZ. Still nasty. Love this piano sample.
ApathyAll I Think About (ft. Action Bronson)N/A2011/11/27CT hip hop on the rise.
ApathyThe Villain (ft. Ill Bill)N/A2011/11/20"The propaganda professors will never teach this."
ApathyArmy Of The Godz (ft. AOTP & DemiGodz)N/A2011/11/06This track is wild. Every verse is on fire.
ApathyPeace ConnecticutN/A2011/10/30So many emcees featured in this video. Huge shout outs to Chumzilla & Blacastan!
ApathyStop What Ya Doin' (ft. Celph Titled)N/A2011/10/23Humpty Dance all day err' day.
ApathyCan't Leave Rap AloneN/A2011/10/09CT's finest
ApathyArmy Of The Godz (ft. AOTP & Demigodz)N/A2011/10/02This song is too tough to handle.
ApathyPeace Connecticut [ Honkey Kong]N/A2011/09/25DJ 33 1/3 getting open on the decks with that transition.
Apathy Guerilla Warfare (ft. Tony Vega & Celph Titled) [Put Ya Dukes Up 12" Single]N/A2011/09/19Celph & Ap rocking the dope verses back in the day.
ApathyPeace Connecticut [Honkey Kong]N/A2011/09/19
ApathyCheck To Check [ Honkey Kong]N/A2011/09/19The 3K sample Evidence & Khrysis flipped on this track is dope. Shout outs to Benny Shaik!
ApathySmoke Weed Every Day (ft. Scoop DeVille) [ Primate Mind State EP]N/A2011/09/19Scoop also did the produce on this joint. Spark up!!!
ApathyStop What Ya Doin' (ft. Celph Titled & DJ Premier) [ Honkey Kong]N/A2011/09/19PREEEEEEEEEM-OOOOOO
ApathyCT Shit [from It's The Bootleg Muthafuckas vol. 2: Hell's Lost & Found]N/A2011/04/25Shouts to the whole Boombox crew.
Apathy & Celph TitledSound Of The ClapNo Place Like Chrome2011/04/04DJ with No Name hitting Ap up on Twitter for this joint. Great local dig. Trying to bring the fire this fall!
ApathyMost Murderous FreestyleDJ Premier production2011/03/21Ap's a beast
ApathyEast Coast RapistHonkey Kong?2011/03/21A potential cut off of Apathy's new album Honkey Kong?
ApathyOn And Off The Mic (ft. Blacastan)Wanna Snuggle?2011/03/07Love Chum Zilla's shout out to Taco Bell at the end of this track. Bajaja.
ApathyHard Times On Planet EarthWanna Snuggle?2011/02/07Ap's been rolling around eastern CT this past weekend shooting a video to press his new album.
ApathyThe Buck Stops HereEastern Philosophy2010/12/18Reppin' Willimantic, Chumzilla on the produce.
ApathyMe & My Friends (ft. One Two & Celph Titled)N/A2010/11/06Great use of that Lauryn Hill sample, though I suppose any Lauryn Hill sample is a guaranteed success.
ApathyHard Times On Planet Earth N/A2010/10/30What else would a snake say to a rat?
Apathy Night Life (Original Mix)N/A2010/10/16Ap's multis are dope
Apathy9 To 5 (ft. Emilio Lopez) N/A2010/09/18One of my favorite Apathy tracks ever. Props to Ap holding down WHUS.
Apathy I Remember...N/A2010/09/13From 860 to 203.
ApathyCT ShitN/A2010/08/15"Toad's place really needs to build a parking lot." Truer words never spoken.
Apathy & Celph Titled'88 MindstateN/A2010/05/23Ap's verse on this track is so nasty.
ApathySlave (ft. Motive)N/A2010/05/16"9 to 5 is just slavery perfected."
ApathyIt Takes A Seven Nation Army To Hold Us Back (ft. Emilio Lopez)N/A2010/04/25An incredible idea from a song straight ripping off The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army."
Apathy & Celph TitledSound Of The ClapN/A2010/03/28People have to understand that hip-hop has spread into CT. Not the "rap game" so much as the spirit of the art form; whatever that might mean.
Apathy & Celph TitledNaturally NastyN/A2010/03/07Ap and Celph on the same track always means it's been murdered.
Apathy1,000 GramsN/A2010/02/14Ap and Blac are playing Toad's on February 24th. Shit's gonna be sick!!
ApathyThe Winter (ft. Blue Raspberry)N/A2010/02/03Ap knows how bitterly soul-numbing CT winters can be. It's so cold outside.
ApathyThis is The Formula (ft. J-Live)N/A2009/10/07"Breathe 860, bleed 203", WHUS REFERENCE! Shout out to Chris Sampson and Benny Shaik
Apathy (NEW)9 to 5 (ft. Emilio Lopez)N/A2009/09/30"I'd rather be a sugar-daddy than a dead-beat dad."