ArtistSongAlbumShow DateComment
Animal CollectiveDaily RoutineMerriweather Post Pavillion2011/01/22Getting used to that again...
Animal CollectiveBrother SportMerriweather Post Pavilion2010/11/20Underrated
Animal CollectiveGuys EyesN/A2010/11/06Beach Boys cover
Animal CollectiveMy Girls N/A2010/10/30A make-up track for the fudged Panda Bear john earlier. But it's always an appropriate time for this track anyways.
Animal CollectiveBluish N/A2010/10/09Solid album.
Animal CollectiveDaily RoutineN/A2010/10/02DJ w/ No Name cutting it up on the 1s & 2s.
Animal CollectiveBrother Sport N/A2010/09/05I know we play this album out, but we seldom repeat the same song twice. Other than maybe "My Girls," but that song can never be played out.
Animal CollectiveGuy's EyesN/A2010/06/27AC does the Beach Boys. Very nice. Pretty sure this song is about masturbating, too.
Animal CollectiveI Think I CanN/A2010/05/16Apparently AC are completely sober when they make the majority of their music. See, you learn something new every day.
Animal CollectiveSummertime ClothesN/A2010/03/28Animal Collective has released an album and two EPs within the past year. That's how musicians have to work today. The traditional album is dead.
Animal CollectiveMy GirlsN/A2010/02/14The sound is just so other-worldly. Pretty sublime.
Animal CollectiveOn A HighwayN/A2010/01/27I love Animal Collective. They can turn the act of driving on the highway into a sublime, ethereal experience.
Animal CollectiveWhat Would I Want? SkyN/A2010/01/20Animal Collective's music always makes me appreciate the smaller, more subtle beauties of life. I would love to listen to this song and look at the clouds.
Animal CollectiveMy GirlsN/A2009/12/23"I don't mean to seem like I care about material things. I just want 4 walls... for my girls.
Animal CollectiveWhat Would I Want? SkyN/A2009/12/02That song was some straight ill-sauce. I don't even know what to say...
Animal CollectiveMy GirlsN/A2009/11/04Some mad atmospheric electro-pop from Baltimore's finest.
Animal CollectiveLion In A ComaN/A2009/10/28Doing my best to get Jimbo into this electro-pop. He's been reluctant so far, but he's trying. Haha.